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As an independent consultant I have spent the past 30+ years working on school improvement, helping to achieve better outcomes for children.

I have worked extensively with local education authorities, individual schools & academies, multi academy trusts, the Department for Education (DFE), the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) & SSAT (The Schools Network) in all aspects of education.

The key focus of my career has been on supporting governing boards & leadership teams in addressing & overcoming the challenges they face.

Having devised & delivered nationally recognised improvement of governance programmes for schools/academies. Formally a governor of 7 schools (primary, secondary & special) including chairing 2 IEBs, prior to becoming sponsored academies.

Consequently I understand the reality of governance. My interventions are therefore practical, and they get results.

support hands


Providing advice & guidance at every stage of the recruitment and selection of headteachers & deputy heads.



Comprehensive set of services to help, improve and strengthen organisations including schools & authorities.



Providing services to help chairs of governing boards build & strengthen their working relationships

My Resumé

Michele Robbins

Michele Robbins


Michele Robbins, helping trusts, governing bodies and leadership teams to build strong and effective governance.

Tel: 01235 533 142

Mobile: 07802 284 378

Why should you call me?

  • 12 years as an Education Officer (Schools)
  • 20 years freelance experience working with local authorities, schools and academies, training and advising middle leaders, leadership teams and governing boards
  • 11 years as a tutor and assessor for the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)
  • Extensive experience as a performance management consultant and external adviser

I have written many articles, guidance documents & publications including:

These books are published by Adamson Publishing and can be viewed or purchased by following these links:

I have decided to stop undertaking LA based training programmes from December 2019.

From January 2020, as part of a phased approach to retirement, I'll be concentrating on customised support including safeguarding audits and reviews of governance

Customised Support

  • Future proofing your MAT -for standalone academies and small MATs wishing to expand
  • Advice and guidance at every stage of the recruitment and selection of headteachers and deputy heads
  • External reviews of the effectiveness of individual governing bodies in preparation for, or following Ofsted.
  • Comprehensive audit of safeguarding policy, practice and impact

Until December 2019 I shall continue to provide a wide range of training in-school for teaching and support staff teams, and governing bodies covering a range of issues.

  • Whole school self-evaluation
  • Governing body self-evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Teambuilding
  • Developing/ reviewing shared values and vision
  • Engaging with parents, pupils and the community
  • Promoting pupil voice (this can be delivered to school councillors

My Services

What training programs can I offer your organisation?

offsted inspection

Ofsted Inspection Preparation

Focusing on maximising and evidencing the contributions made by governing boards to the strategic leadership of schools, academies, trusts. (2 hours)

safer recuitment

Safer Recruitment

An up to the minute programme based on the original DfE materials and significantly updated.

getting grips

Getting to grips with governance

For recently appointed and elected governors and those wanting a refresher.

taking the chair

Leading in Governance

For chairs of governing boards, committees and aspiring chairs. Promoting distributed leadership to help maximise the impact of governance on school improvement (1 day).

clerking matters

Clerking Matters

Maintained schools, academies, multi academy trusts, free schools, schools considering conversion. Practical insights into how a clerk promotes effective governance (1 day).

outstanding governance

To Outstanding and Beyond/Achieving Outstanding Governance

Designed to help schools, academies, MATs and free schools to secure school improvement. It is particularly helpful when preparing for Ofsted (Half day)

leading in partnership

Leading in Partnership

Designed to enable headteachers and chairs of governing boards to strengthen their working relationship and improve the effectiveness of governance (1 day)

Client Testimonials

  • " Many thanks for sending me the update (safeguarding audit proforma) in readiness for the new academic year. I will have Ofsted at some point this year and this will be the directing document I use to steer the school. The previous audit has given me confidence that we are in a good place. Thank you for all the work you do. It should not be underestimated that what you do and the support you give governors and school leaders will have had a direct result in keeping children safe already! "

    Primary Head Wandsworth. July 2018.

  • " A fantastic opportunity to reflect on my leadership styles and how I have altered them in the past year or so. Also how I can continue to grow as a leader from a team member/manager. It was also a wonderful opportunity to sit with SLT/ML colleagues in the school as I don’t often get the opportunity. "

    Middle leader Ealing Primary school - following a workshop of middle and senior leaders. June 2018.

  • " I had really good verbal feedback from my leaders and they enjoyed your training – thank you. An excellent use of cover time and their day, I felt. Thank you for tailor making it for our school. I will scan in and send you the feedback forms too – 100% feel that it will positively impact on their roles! I am so glad I met you in Antigua and won’t hesitate to use you again (or recommend you). "

    Head of the Ealing Primary School. June 2018

  • " I wanted to thank you for your support over the last two years, particularly in sharing your safeguarding audit, which I know has improved safeguarding practice in schools across Richmond and Kingston - so thank you! "

    LSCB Co-ordinator. July 2018

  • " Many thanks again for your training session. I had a very positive feedback from the governors. Also, the Head tells me that SLT and middles leaders were very positive about this initiative. She will contact you in developing herself with your support. I have arranged a meeting with the HT to follow up actions from your training 1st week after the half term holidays. "

    Chair of governors. Hillingdon. May 2018.

  • " Thanks so much for the training on Wednesday, and for the attached PPT. I really appreciate the way you customised the session for us, a quite wide-ranging audience. You gave us just what we asked for, thanks. Thanks too for your feedback. It’s reassuring to reflect on how much we have moved forward as a borough, and reflect on what more we need to do. "

    Interim School Improvement Adviser London Borough. March 2018.

  • "Thank you so much for getting back so quickly, but also for sharing the document. Your attached document is brilliant! I just needed some concrete type of examples to get started with, and the ones you have shared are perfect, so thank you very much.

    Thank you for your help and support. I met with the chair this morning to discuss our SEF and she would also like to extend her thanks for both the excellent Leading in Partnership course and for your advice and support."

    Primary School Head. West London. March 2017

  • "It has been enormously helpful especially where governors were concerned. I have subsequently downloaded many of the Child line posters and been in touch with the borough about training for homophobia and transgender information. NSPCC will be getting back in touch regarding workshops and an assembly. This is very important and I should have been more aware especially about the holidays. "

    Headteacher South London Primary School following safeguarding audit. February 2017

  • "I was going to write anyway to say thank you for your input into the above, which I thought was very helpful indeed. I did mention it positively to LA colleagues as well, but they said that they already knew you were great!

    I found the day a combination of really refreshing to hear, and also very concerning in terms of some of our gaps. There were some bits where you confirmed my sense of things, some where you provided some helpful tools to allow us to relatively straightforwardly up our game, but also some things that felt concerning."

    Governor West London Primary School following external review of governance and workshop. ​January 2017

  • "Just wanted to say what a brilliant day I had Saturday. Michelle is utterly amazing, I don't think I have ever attended a training workshop before (and at my age I attended quite a few!) and felt so engaged. The day was so well structured, informative and presented with such knowledge and passion that at 3pm I found myself wishing we could carry on for a few more hours. I don't think there was a single person in the room who didn't leave feeling 100% more confident and capable than when they first walked in to the room."

    Governor after induction course N London Borough. February 2017.

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